Would you care to have a civilized and alluring conversation with me? There are providers out there who want to “come and go”, but I’m the one who needs to stay longer.

Because I prefer quality over quantity, I am very picky with whom I spend my time with. I chose this side profession to connect with successful men and develop a serious rapport for a long-lasting friendship. I’m not just here to provide, but to also network with the men (or women) I admire.

If you care to take interest in my career and wish to support my mission to help our planet, then please dare to provide for me in more ways than you can imagine- and I will be sure to make you feel brand new upon our departure, with our integrity in tact.

If i love to take time in my dates, then surely it is because I indulge in making my suitors feel exquisitely better about themselves, while I do the same for yours truly. ~

That is my sole mission as Selena: to cultivate a fiery kindred link between you and me, so we may help each other in our journey as we evolve into better versions of ourselves.


*Screening is required. Click here for requirements.



TERMS: I’m not available for 1 Hour appointments. I am only available for dates with a minimum of 3 hours. Reason being is I like to develop a relationship that resides outside of a typical provider/hobbyist type. I rather remain more exclusive with less volume, to truly develop sensational emotions and explore each others’ minds deeply.

This is how I find real ecstasy when I need it most.

My mind goes blank when I feel fulfilled with the substance I require for a livid late evening – in private quarters.

6+ HOURS – 3000

I’d enjoy a walk around town while you give a recap on our current political geography situation.

My goal is to be a well-rounded woman who is educated and cultured. What gets me motivated is when a successful man find me attractive.

I love to get wild too, just as much as I love to be educated.

What can we do for 6 hours? I love outdoor activities such as fishing, paddle boarding, biking, hiking, picnics – I love to stay active! Walking around the city is just as fun too. It’s good to submerge yourself into what you’re doing while taking your time to enjoy these precious moments.

I also enjoy clubbing to dance and flirt with other girls.

12+ HOURS – 4000

Let’s explore the town together! We can visit all the hotspots, go to shows, try new things together and take it all in!

Amusement parks are also a personal favorite of mine. We can take this time to go to one!

Are there any book stores you know of? Let’s stop by real quick please.

Lounging in bed is fun too. I am the cuddling type.

Did I mention I am very much 420 friendly? I like mushrooms too! 12 hours is plenty of time to go on a little journey together.

28+ HOURS – 5000 (My Favorite)

So you want me for the entire day. What would you like for us to do?

We can take a trip to the beach, or the dock, or to another city of our liking and plan a full day together. These kinds of dates are my favorite because I get to know a real side of you during our travel.

I like to see the authentic side of people. This date will allow us to develop a deep bond. If you intend to invest in me and my future, I would highly suggest this package. We can negotiate and come to an agreement for a regular thing.

We both love to be pampered. If our chemistry is right, this will be a date you and I will never forget. We will leave our upscale hotel room elevated and alleviated, leaving all negative and intrusive thoughts behind us.




To send a photo, please send screening information by email to or text 469.630.2880.


Send me a screenshot of your profile from the LinkedIn App dashboard. You must be logged in when you do this. I must be able to see the edit icon.


A screenshot that shows your work email. Other information can be hidden. I will anonymously email you a keyword for verification.


You can cover your home address and your Drivers License number. I just need your full name.


Provide 2 references. List name, website, email or phone number. This method is not ideal if you’re setting up a last minute date. It may take your references several days to respond my reference request.

Keep In Touch

I’m just a phone call away. Let’s get to know each other.

Location: Dallas, Texas
Text Me: 469.630.2880
Twitter: @MissSelenaLopez
Let’s Meet: Click Here